After the Kick-off meeting of the partnership in London, last April, INOVA+ was dedicated to a research on the radicalization of young people at risk in the national context, in the framework of the “Youth Empowerment Innovation Project”.

This project is co-funded by the Key-Action 3 of the Erasmus+ programme, which supports the reform of policies in order to facilitate the modernization of the training and education systems.

This study, which will be part of an European e-book to be published in the next few months, presents the main results of the research led in Portugal. This is the first step of this ambitious 36-month project, involving entities from seven countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and UK), which objective is to conceive and test an innovative preventive model to tackle the marginalization and radicalization of young people in Europe, based on positive psychology.

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INOVA+ focused, during this first phase, on an extensive literature review on public policies and preventive programmes on radicalization of young people at risk in Portugal, especially in school and online contexts.

The study starts with a reflection on the key-concepts of the project, particularly radicalization and its meaning at national level. Thus, the reality of the Portuguese situation regarding extremism is currently significantly different from other European countries.

Besides bibliographical research and within the objective of enriching the study, INOVA+ has organized a focus group around the topic of YEIP, gathering public authorities (Municipalities of Oliveira de Azeméis and Matosinhos), academic actors (ISMAI, UCP, UFP), school workers and civil society (associations working with young people at risk).

The project and the first findings of the national report on the state of art on radicalization in Portugal have been presented to the participants. Moreover, an interesting discussion has been led on the definition of radicalization in Portugal, the reality of the situation at local and national levels, and the relevance of implementing a preventive model on radicalization, particularly based on the Good Live Model and positive psychology.

YEIP Focus group – INOVA+ - September 27th 2017

YEIP Focus group – INOVA+ – September 27th 2017

The project and its first findings will be equally presented to a group of young people of the Municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis (partner of the project), to collect the opinions and suggestions of the target group itself, within the objective of developing a preventive model that responds properly to the needs of young people at risk of marginalization and radicalization.

The following step of the project will occur on January 22th 2018 in Modena, Italy, where the first YEIP international conference “The prevention of radicalization of young people – Preventing Radicalisation and Social Exclusion from the bottom up: Young People’s Voices” will take place. During this event, different interventions will approach radicalization upon diverse aspects: legislation, criminality, positive psychology, mental health, interculturality and young people´s perspective.

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For more information about the project: Aurélie Delater,