This year is starting well with the approval of the project SOCI@LL – Whole school social labs, an Erasmus+ programme initiative supported by European Commission under Key Action 3 to Support for policy reform.

Lead by INOVA+, this three-years project gathers an experienced partnership of 15 organisations which represent the target-group and ensure that the needs and expectations of the final users will be addressed.

Among the project’s beneficiaries, we can find schools and school communities, local authorities (municipalities), experts and professionals working on the topics of this initiative and other stakeholders with interest in matters such as social inclusion and citizenship education.

Built-on an innovative and participatory approach, SOCI@LL ambition is to generate a paradigmatic change in the way schools and communities cooperate to foster social inclusion, promoting participatory and empowering tools for creative and sustainable solutions co-designed by, with and for key-stakeholders within a whole school framework and through local social labs.

The project will contribute to the development, validation and scaling-up of an array of useful resources and tools such as:

  • A SOCI@LL roadmap, which will support, leverage and accelerate systemic changes;
  • A methodological approach that will foster engagement, commitment and sense of ownership in all the different stakeholders involved in the local open partnerships and in the European alliance;
  • A toolkit for school leaders that will support the creation and sustainability of culturally-sensitive and inclusive systems inside and around schools;
  • A toolkit for teachers that will support them to drive and put into practice curricular and pedagogical innovation and foster multicultural learning in and out classrooms;
  • A toolkit for local authorities that will support them into the creation and maintenance of cross-sectorial platforms for social inclusion;
  • A Virtual Social Lab which will foster and nurture cross-sectorial relations at local and European level, as well as create real inclusive and participatory learning opportunities.

The SOCI@LL expedition will lead to a widely spread of relevant knowledge and best practices on inclusive learning within the learning communities contributing to the integration in the different systems (inside and outside/around the classroom and schools) of innovative, tested and proved-effective approaches.

For more information about the project partners and planned activities, please contact Andreia Monteiro ( or Sara Brandão (

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