Under the IMAILE project (www.imaile.eu ) a conference will be held in Viladecans, Spain, with the participation of INOVA + on 14 December, to present the current findings of the 4-years work.

This event will present the context of the project development that led to the test in the classroom of Spanish, Swedish, German and Finnish schools, of two prototypes that promote personalized learning processes, especially focused on the STEM disciplines.

This project is integrated in innovative public procurement practices: pre-commercial procurement, which promotes the development of innovation through the purchase of research and development services. In this context, two companies reached the end of a competitive process and had the opportunity to test their prototypes for over 10 months. The results of this test phase will also be presented in this session, although to a limited extent.

For more information see www.viladecans.cat/es/imaile-0 or send an email to Pedro Costa pedro.costa@inovamais.pt .