Corporate Innovation

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Corporate Innovation

The performance of INOVA+ covers the different aspects of innovation management in large companies and SMEs, strengthening the link between their operating cycle and the innovation cycle.

In this process, we stand out due to our ability to involve technological partners (R&D Centres and Universities) essential to stimulate the RDI activity, thereby enhancing the presentation of new solutions to market and differentiation within the market.

This integrated approach enhances the framework of the corporate activity in opportunities of national and European funding.

Scopes of action:

Innovation Strategy

Strategic planning and operation in the RDI areas, according to corporate objectives and market positioning


Implementation of Research Management Systems and Development and Innovation (SGIDI), according to standard NP 4457: 2007, supporting in the certification phases

Innovation Management

ICT Solutions for management and monitoring of systems or processes of Research Management, Development and Innovation

Technological Cooperation

Monitoring and support in the management of technology transfer and technological cooperation between the company and external entities

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