Tax Incentives for R&D

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Tax Incentives for R&D

In force until 2020, SIFIDE II continues to establish itself as one of the most advantageous tools for companies that promote R&D activities, supporting expenses related to R&D, including human resources, in a logic of deduction of investments made in the previous year in the collection of IRC (Corporate Income Tax).

Whilst initially SIFIDE was seen as an instrument of simplified access, currently there is a greater complexity in the assessment criteria for projects submitted, including the recognition of its R&D nature and acceptance of expenses. Thus, it is vital to focus on the technical and scientific justification.

We have a highly qualified team with technical and scientific skills necessary for the process of analysis, selection and the grounds of the projects to be included in the SIFIDE application, meeting the current assessment criteria and enhancing the maximization of the approved incentive.

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