National Funding – PT 2020

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National Funding
PT 2020

The public funding mechanisms can be a supplement or even a substitute of private investment and credit instruments, especially in higher risk areas such as R&D, product innovation and internationalization.

With the new community framework of structural funds for the period 2014-2020 (Portugal 2020) in the amount of approximately EUR 25 billion, a new window of opportunities for different types of organizations is open – Companies, Scientific Entities and of Institutional or Public nature.

The increased complexity and competitiveness in accessing public funding sources requires the adoption of new performance strategies in addressing these opportunities.

We contribute towards the success of customer organizations in the design and preparation applications for public funding, with a success rate of 90% in the previous community framework.

Monitoring programs and competitions in accordance with the objectives of each organization, taking advantage of the complementarity of different instruments

Support the framework and design of project ideas with potential for framing compatibility with the various incentives available

Analysis of the economic viability of projects, according to the dynamics of the program, management processes and reimbursement of eligible costs

Identify and support in the involvement of partners, technological or of other nature, and support in defining their role in the project

Preparation of applications – framework, objectives, activities and tasks plan, financial projection and other key aspects for a winning bid

Monitoring and supporting implementation of projects, ensuring their implementation and communication of these results in the organization

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