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National programs, included in Portugal 2020 are the main source of financing for growth,
modernization and internationalization of the national economy.

We place at the disposal of our customers a range of unique services that combine solutions from different areas:
Corporate Innovation, Public Funding, Tax Incentives and Process Optimization

See the services in each area and get support in the definition of a service tailored to your organization.

Corporate Innovation

The performance of INOVA+ covers the different aspects of innovation management in large companies and SMEs, strengthening the link between their operating cycle and the innovation cycle.

In this process, we stand out due to our ability to involve technological partners (R&D Centres and Universities) essential to stimulate the RDI activity, thereby enhancing the presentation of new solutions to market and differentiation within the market.

This integrated approach enhances the framework of the corporate activity in opportunities of national and European funding.

Scopes of action:

Innovation Strategy

Strategic planning and operation in the RDI areas, according to corporate objectives and market positioning


Implementation of Research Management Systems and Development and Innovation (SGIDI), according to standard NP 4457: 2007, supporting in the certification phases

Innovation Management

ICT Solutions for management and monitoring of systems or processes of Research Management, Development and Innovation

Technological Cooperation

Monitoring and support in the management of technology transfer and technological cooperation between the company and external entities

National Funding
PT 2020

The public funding mechanisms can be a supplement or even a substitute of private investment and credit instruments, especially in higher risk areas such as R&D, product innovation and internationalization.

With the new community framework of structural funds for the period 2014-2020 (Portugal 2020) in the amount of approximately EUR 25 billion, a new window of opportunities for different types of organizations is open – Companies, Scientific Entities and of Institutional or Public nature.

The increased complexity and competitiveness in accessing public funding sources requires the adoption of new performance strategies in addressing these opportunities.

We contribute towards the success of customer organizations in the design and preparation applications for public funding, with a success rate of 90% in the previous community framework.

Monitoring programs and competitions in accordance with the objectives of each organization, taking advantage of the complementarity of different instruments

Support the framework and design of project ideas with potential for framing compatibility with the various incentives available

Analysis of the economic viability of projects, according to the dynamics of the program, management processes and reimbursement of eligible costs

Identify and support in the involvement of partners, technological or of other nature, and support in defining their role in the project

Preparation of applications – framework, objectives, activities and tasks plan, financial projection and other key aspects for a winning bid

Monitoring and supporting implementation of projects, ensuring their implementation and communication of these results in the organization

Tax Incentives for R&D

In force until 2020, SIFIDE II continues to establish itself as one of the most advantageous tools for companies that promote R&D activities, supporting expenses related to R&D, including human resources, in a logic of deduction of investments made in the previous year in the collection of IRC (Corporate Income Tax).

Whilst initially SIFIDE was seen as an instrument of simplified access, currently there is a greater complexity in the assessment criteria for projects submitted, including the recognition of its R&D nature and acceptance of expenses. Thus, it is vital to focus on the technical and scientific justification.

We have a highly qualified team with technical and scientific skills necessary for the process of analysis, selection and the grounds of the projects to be included in the SIFIDE application, meeting the current assessment criteria and enhancing the maximization of the approved incentive.

Process Optimisation

We offer services designed to optimize processes and quality management, where together with customer organizations,
we design the actions, procedures and standards to be implemented, for business optimization.

Implementation of processes and standards

Support in the diagnosis and planning phases and actions necessary for the implementation and certification of quality management systems (ISO 9001: 2015), and other standards, in line with the objectives and context of the organization

ICT Solutions

Development of ICT solutions to support the optimization of management and quality processes, as well as other information systems that the organization intends to develop and implement to suit its needs

Recruitment in the areas of innovation and technology

We recruit and select qualified human resources, based on the specifics of the activity and using academic partners with whom we have a close relationship


We prepare training plans tailored to the needs of each organization and in different policy areas: process optimization, innovation, quality and project management, among others

Our customers assure us that they achieve a better performance in their RDI activity with the services we provide.
The success lies in continuous and close monitoring over time, enhancing effective return on investment.
INOVA + enables its customers to create a service tailored to their needs, taking advantage of its broad portfolio of solutions and expertise.


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