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Key Partner in European projects

Our high success rate of participation in European projects (we are the 11th SME in Europe in terms of participation in the FP7),
allows us to play a key role in the competitiveness of your consortium.
We are ready to collaborate on your project whilst coordinating entity or partner.

Project management and coordination

Supervision of activities, including technical/scientific and administrative/financial components

We assure the project management and coordination of the consortium, implementation of activities in accordance with the planned timetable and budget, including the preparation of reports for the European Commission

Research, needs diagnosis, pilot sessions

Collecting and analyzing information, conducting surveys, organizing test sessions

Depending on the focus of the project, we ensure the collection of specific information on the country/region/ sector, as well as the testing of new products/methodologies for recipients and implementing improvements

Planning and organising events

Organisation of national and international events with different characteristics

We have the experience and resources needed to implement the various events including thematic conferences, training sessions, presentation events, ``brokerage events``, among others

Communication, dissemination and networking

Design the strategy, materials and communication campaign and dissemination of the project results

We reinforce the visibility of the project by mobilizing relevant stakeholders, development of visual identity, website and social networks, brochures, posters, newsletters and other materials

Exploitation and transfer of results

Identification of mechanisms to ensure the future sustainability of the project and results

We develop a strategy of exploitation and sustainability of project results after its completion, including the development of business plans and transfer of results

Monitoring and assessment of quality and impact

Internal monitoring and evaluation of project management and results, external evaluation and impact assessment

We ensure the monitoring and assessment (internal) of project implementation and quality of the results obtained, as well as the assessment of the implementation and impact of projects, policies and programs

Technological cooperation

ICT skills applied to the areas of health, sustainable smart cities, smart buildings and security

We support R&D projects developed by third parties, contributing not only towards the technical and scientific know-how, but also towards best practices in R&D

Technological validation

ICT skills in developing prototypes and defining scenarios for validation.

We assume ourselfs as a partner of excellence in the stages of validation and prototyping, critical steps in the process of product development

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