European Funding

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Participation in European projects

Considering the multiplicity and diversity of European programs (in 2016-2017 there are over 150 tenders available in Horizon 2020),
it can be complex for an organisation to monitor and identify the most appropriate funding opportunities.

Various entities seek expert support to develop strategies and participate in funding programs according to their activity and RDI goals.

With 19 years of experience in European funding programs and a remarkable success in this highly competitive and specialized environment, INOVA+ provides a portfolio of services to support different types of organisations in accessing these opportunities.

  • Assistance in framing ideas from customers in tenders and topics selected on the basis of a higher probability of success, with a view to prepare applications as a promoting agent or coordinator









  • Design and development of the idea

    Definition of rational/base idea of the project and conductive line (focus on differentiation)


  • Drafting of technical part

    writing technical part of the proposal (scientific excellence – impact – implementation) in conjunction with the organisation and with other partners


  • Formation of the Consortium

    Identification of key partners and support the establishment of a multidisciplinary and competitive consortium


  • Budget

    Projection of the overall budget of the proposal and coordination/negotiation with other partners

  • Identification of international consortia in formation phase, consistent with the profiles of customer organisations, enhancing their integration as partner in these consortia










  • European Profile

    Creation of a European profile Horizon 2020 for the promotion of the organisation together with consortia/potential partners


  • Partner Search

    Surveillance of project opportunities consistent with the organisation’s profile – interaction with consortia in formation phase


  • Integration in the Consortium

    Mediation between the customer organisation and the coordinating entity in order to formalize the integration of the consortium


  • Application Material

    Support in designing all the necessary material for the application file, to ensure that the submission is successful

Assistance in administrative and financial management of projects as Coordinator

If your organization is acting as a coordinating entity of a project, we follow the financial and administrative management of the entire project, as well as the collaboration with the other partners. We have the capacity to intervene in the preparation phase of the project audit, if necessary

Assistance in administrative and financial management of projects as Partner

If your organisation is acting as a Partner entity of a project, we provide support in financial and administrative management of your organisation in said project, in accordance with the respective rules of the program and the procedures defined by the coordinator

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