We develop innovative
initiatives at International level

European programs – and in particular Horizon 2020, with a budget of EUR 80 billion until 2020 – constitute
one of the largest innovation markets in the world and a unique opportunity
for international affirmation for Portuguese organizations.

We guarantee expert services to define and implement the international growth strategy of your organization,
including participation in European projects and support to the internationalization process.

Participation in European projects

Considering the multiplicity and diversity of European programs (in 2016-2017 there are over 150 tenders available in Horizon 2020),
it can be complex for an organisation to monitor and identify the most appropriate funding opportunities.

Various entities seek expert support to develop strategies and participate in funding programs according to their activity and RDI goals.

With 19 years of experience in European funding programs and a remarkable success in this highly competitive and specialized environment, INOVA+ provides a portfolio of services to support different types of organisations in accessing these opportunities.

  • Assistance in framing ideas from customers in tenders and topics selected on the basis of a higher probability of success, with a view to prepare applications as a promoting agent or coordinator









  • Design and development of the idea

    Definition of rational/base idea of the project and conductive line (focus on differentiation)


  • Drafting of technical part

    writing technical part of the proposal (scientific excellence – impact – implementation) in conjunction with the organisation and with other partners


  • Formation of the Consortium

    Identification of key partners and support the establishment of a multidisciplinary and competitive consortium


  • Budget

    Projection of the overall budget of the proposal and coordination/negotiation with other partners

  • Identification of international consortia in formation phase, consistent with the profiles of customer organisations, enhancing their integration as partner in these consortia










  • European Profile

    Creation of a European profile Horizon 2020 for the promotion of the organisation together with consortia/potential partners


  • Partner Search

    Surveillance of project opportunities consistent with the organisation’s profile – interaction with consortia in formation phase


  • Integration in the Consortium

    Mediation between the customer organisation and the coordinating entity in order to formalize the integration of the consortium


  • Application Material

    Support in designing all the necessary material for the application file, to ensure that the submission is successful

Assistance in administrative and financial management of projects as Coordinator

If your organization is acting as a coordinating entity of a project, we follow the financial and administrative management of the entire project, as well as the collaboration with the other partners. We have the capacity to intervene in the preparation phase of the project audit, if necessary

Assistance in administrative and financial management of projects as Partner

If your organisation is acting as a Partner entity of a project, we provide support in financial and administrative management of your organisation in said project, in accordance with the respective rules of the program and the procedures defined by the coordinator

Pre-Assessment of Application:

An external view of experts on European projects can be essential to increase the success (approval) of the proposals.

We provide a service to pre-review applications oriented towards proposals that are already in the final stage of writing. In addition to a rigorous and detailed evaluation which follows the same methodology and evaluation criteria defined by the European Commission (ESR), we outline a plan about the points that should be improved in order to enhance the potential approval of the proposal.

This review is performed by our team of experts who regularly participate as external evaluators of the European Commission in different programs and areas (ITN, RISE, Transport, ICT, NMP, among others).

Key Partner in European projects

Our high success rate of participation in European projects (we are the 11th SME in Europe in terms of participation in the FP7),
allows us to play a key role in the competitiveness of your consortium.
We are ready to collaborate on your project whilst coordinating entity or partner.

Project management and coordination

Supervision of activities, including technical/scientific and administrative/financial components

We assure the project management and coordination of the consortium, implementation of activities in accordance with the planned timetable and budget, including the preparation of reports for the European Commission

Research, needs diagnosis, pilot sessions

Collecting and analyzing information, conducting surveys, organizing test sessions

Depending on the focus of the project, we ensure the collection of specific information on the country/region/ sector, as well as the testing of new products/methodologies for recipients and implementing improvements

Planning and organising events

Organisation of national and international events with different characteristics

We have the experience and resources needed to implement the various events including thematic conferences, training sessions, presentation events, ``brokerage events``, among others

Communication, dissemination and networking

Design the strategy, materials and communication campaign and dissemination of the project results

We reinforce the visibility of the project by mobilizing relevant stakeholders, development of visual identity, website and social networks, brochures, posters, newsletters and other materials

Exploitation and transfer of results

Identification of mechanisms to ensure the future sustainability of the project and results

We develop a strategy of exploitation and sustainability of project results after its completion, including the development of business plans and transfer of results

Monitoring and assessment of quality and impact

Internal monitoring and evaluation of project management and results, external evaluation and impact assessment

We ensure the monitoring and assessment (internal) of project implementation and quality of the results obtained, as well as the assessment of the implementation and impact of projects, policies and programs

Technological cooperation

ICT skills applied to the areas of health, sustainable smart cities, smart buildings and security

We support R&D projects developed by third parties, contributing not only towards the technical and scientific know-how, but also towards best practices in R&D

Technological validation

ICT skills in developing prototypes and defining scenarios for validation.

We assume ourselfs as a partner of excellence in the stages of validation and prototyping, critical steps in the process of product development


Internationalization is assumed as a fundamental strategy for business growth in the current economic context. However, it is crucial to have a strategic planning of internationalization that will overcome the limitations of the entry into new markets.

Featuring a solid knowledge of various markets, strong international presence and a privileged network of partners, we provide a service to support internationalisation with a competitive approach plan for foreign markets customised according to the activity and goals of each company. We ensure continued monitoring of the internationalisation process, ensuring that the entry into new markets is associated with a successful business expansion.

  • Market research

    We carry out field research and data collection to characterize the market cross-wise (or identify potential target markets) and define the best entry strategy for each company.

  • Organization of corporate missions

    In order to deepen the understanding of target markets and explore networking opportunities, we organize corporate missions and destinations that offer the greatest potential to achieve business.

  • Identification of support/incentives

    We define a road map with financial mechanisms available in destination countries (considering the characteristics and objectives of each customer), thus reducing the risk associated with the investment.

  • Partner Search

    We have a comprehensive network of international partners that allows us to act as a facilitating agent in establishing strategic partnerships for the internationalization process of companies.

European Projects


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