Applied Research

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Applied Research

We carry out R&D activity in the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics (ICTE) sector in different application areas covering a wide range of technical and scientific fields, and we are a key partner in applied research and technological validation in R&D projects (Horizon 2020, Portugal 2020, among other programs), with ability to develop technological solutions tailored to each organisation.

Our technical and scientific expertise and proven RDI practices enable us to provide quality support to other organisations in the planning and implementation of R&D projects as well as in the development of tailor-made applications.

These activities focus on levels of maturity TRL3 to TRL6 and INOVA+ has the ability to perform the proof of preliminary concept of the product in the laboratory in order to assess its technological feasibility, as well as the integration of technological components and test to applications in an environment close to the real one.

These activities are focused on levels of maturity TRL6 and TRL7 and INOVA+ acts in the demonstration of the product, testing and validation of solutions in relevant and operational environment, through its ability to develop prototypes according to the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

These activities are focused on levels of maturity TRL7 to TRL9, and INOVA+ has the capacity for the development /delivery of the final product. These activities also require the integration of technological components and testing of applications under real conditions prior to their market introduction.

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