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The Research and Innovation strategy set by the European Union for the period 2014-2020 is based on
smart growth and specialization based on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

Acting in line with this strategy, through our internal R&D department, we assume ourselves as a partner throughout the technological innovation cycle, with capacity to conduct Applied Research directed towards higher levels of technological maturity of the TRL scale (Technology Readiness Level), also providing know-how to mediate processes of Technology Transfer, as well as to enhance
Access to Private Financing for corporate projects of technological nature.

Applied Research

We carry out R&D activity in the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics (ICTE) sector in different application areas covering a wide range of technical and scientific fields, and we are a key partner in applied research and technological validation in R&D projects (Horizon 2020, Portugal 2020, among other programs), with ability to develop technological solutions tailored to each organisation.

Our technical and scientific expertise and proven RDI practices enable us to provide quality support to other organisations in the planning and implementation of R&D projects as well as in the development of tailor-made applications.

These activities focus on levels of maturity TRL3 to TRL6 and INOVA+ has the ability to perform the proof of preliminary concept of the product in the laboratory in order to assess its technological feasibility, as well as the integration of technological components and test to applications in an environment close to the real one.

These activities are focused on levels of maturity TRL6 and TRL7 and INOVA+ acts in the demonstration of the product, testing and validation of solutions in relevant and operational environment, through its ability to develop prototypes according to the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

These activities are focused on levels of maturity TRL7 to TRL9, and INOVA+ has the capacity for the development /delivery of the final product. These activities also require the integration of technological components and testing of applications under real conditions prior to their market introduction.

Your partner throughout
the Technological Maturity Cycle

Areas of application

We develop applied research activities, concept and product development in the area
of ICT for Health, Sustainable Cities, Intelligent Buildings, and Safety.


Medical applications, Assistive Technology and Solutions to Support Health


Efficient urban solutions in the fields of health, environment, resource management and mobility systems, with the active participation of citizens


ICT applications for buildings and houses with a view to increase quality of life, safety and efficiency


Solutions for prevention, response and recovery for mass disasters or outbreaks

RDI management system

Certified by APCER since 2013, the Research, Development and Innovation Management System of INOVA+ follows  NP 4457:2007 standard, thus ensuring the enhancement of knowledge through the effective management of the company interfaces in its environment and the creativity and skills of its employees.

The scope of the RDI Management System of INOVA+ are the activities of research, development and innovation in the field of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics with various application areas, including the areas of health, safety and defence, industrial automation and business.

Competent Entity for
the practice of R&D

Recognized by the Ministries of Economy and Education and Science as a competent entity for Research and Development in technical and scientific fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (in the fields of electronics and computers and software engineering and information systems) and also in Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Biochemistry (in the areas of biomedical engineering and imaging and biosignals).

This recognition ensures that expenses for the subcontracting of R&D activities to INOVA+ are eligible for deduction under the Tax Incentives System to Corporate R&D (SIFIDE).

Technology Transfer


Technology transfer, as mediation between research and the introduction of new technologies in the market, is assumed as a relevant process to increase innovation and corporate competitiveness. However, in order to guarantee the success of the technology transfer process it is critical that technological innovation has a market-oriented approach. Its vast experience in processes of technology transfer and its network of technological and business partnerships, allow INOVA+ to position itself as a key partner in supporting and mediating the recovery, protection and transfer of technology.

INOVA+ also acts as a broker in the processes of cooperation between the academic and the business side in research and technological development projects driven by market needs.


Support the economic enhancement of the R&D results, promoting the introduction of technology in the market and the economic return to the research entities


Identifying opportunities for cooperation between R&D centres and companies in technological development to solve specific market needs


Assessing the potential patentability of technology through technical analysis to define the commercial potential of the protection of the R&D results


Support in all stages of the technology transfer process, in the establishment of contact between the business and academic positions

Access to Private Funding

Access to funding is one of the critical points in technology-based projects. The risk associated with the investment and lack of knowledge as to the technology developed appear as constraints in the access to capital. In these funding processes of technology-based companies a careful evaluation that takes into account the technological and financial aspects is required.

We are a key partner in mediating access to private funding, having the technical, scientific and technological skills needed to assess the risk of investing in a particular technology, to analyse its economic viability and return on investment.


We offer organizations a service to identify and assess intangible assets, defined as the knowledge, information and technology generated by the company, making the assessment of the current and potential value of the market


Technical and scientific know-how to assess the risk associated with investment in technology-driven projects, through the analysis of its implementation feasibility and market potential


Taking advantage of its network of partnerships, we boost access to venture capital for technology-based businesses


Administrative and financial management of the project: preparation of follow-up reports; preparation of  maps of investment projects 

R&D Projects


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