Saphety e WeDo Technologies

Following the success of previous collaborations, INOVA + assured the technical support in preparing a R&D project proposal in consortium for the Information Technology company WeDo Technologies, along with Saphety Trusted Services, owned by the Sonae Group.


The project called Value4Coupons – Desmaterialização e Processamento de Cupões (Dematerialisation and Coupon Processing) also joined Cardmobili – Software Development and the University of Aveiro, with the goal of developing a differentiated solution for the dematerialisation and processing of supplier coupons from its origin (the brand owner of the product) to the final consumer passing through the retailer/distributor of the product. The project had a total budget of EUR 775 000.


Team Involved


Diana Magalhães

Senior Consultant



César Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant