We have collaborated with PIEtec for several years with a view to optimizing and maximizing the innovation strategy of the company which is engaged in the manufacture of technical cork stoppers, and has supported PIEtec in the preparation of various applications to SIFIDE for consecutive years.


The R&D activities are already part of the DNA of PIEtec, being directed towards the development of new solutions, products and the optimization of existing products and processes. These activities have contributed greatly to the differentiation of the company in the wine industry, at national and especially international level, making it a reference and in case of success in its sector.

Over the past few years, INOVA + has collaborated directly and in close proximity with PIEtec in the selection and validation of R&D activities in terms of the respective framework and within the scope of SIFIDE, thus contributing towards the capitalization of these activities and, consequently, to a correct evaluation of the effective return on investment in R&D.

INOVA + has supported four applications of PIEtec to SIFIDE, having contributed to raising approximately EUR 500 000 in the form of tax credit, representing 92.5 percent of the requested incentive.


Team Involved


Ana Oliveira




Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director




César Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant


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