Within the scope of our partnership with Microsoft Portugal, we were involved in the process of preparation of the approved European Project coordinated by Microsoft Language Development Centre.


The project “PaeLife – Personal Assistant to Enhance the Social Life of the Seniors aims at the development of an application that works as a virtual personal assistant for seniors and that includes tools that boost communication, learning and entertainment to fight isolation and exclusion, allowing the elderly to have higher independence and an active social life.

The project, submitted in the scope of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, involves nine partners and has a funding of around 1.3 million Euros.

The support from INOVA+ involved the entire submission process, including the identification of the programme and funding instrument suitable to the idea presented by Microsoft Language Development Centre, support in the definition of the idea and strategy of the submission, identification of partners relevant to the Consortium and respective interaction, wording of the descriptive sections, preparation of the budget and negotiation with the several partners.

Before the submission of the application a pre-evaluation was performed by the experts of INOVA+ that are evaluators of the European Commission, whose competences and extensive knowledge in these processes contribute to boost the competitiveness of the proposal.


Team Involved


João Fonseca

Senior Consultant



Ricardo Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant