Due to our vast experience in valuation processes of technological and technical-scientific knowledge, we were selected to survey the technological offer of a set of entities of the National Scientific and Technological System (NSTS), with a view to their recovery and integration in a grant of technologies and patents.


This initiative comes from the collaboration between INOVA + and NERSANT – Business Association of the Region of Santarém, under the InovRibatejo project, which aims to foster innovation in the companies of the region through the promotion of relations between these, entrepreneurs and the entities of the NSTS.

Our vast know-how and the activity we develop with various universities and national technology centres over the years give us the necessary skills to develop our own methodologies to identify and exploit R&D results and technical-scientific knowledge, enhancing the absorption of technological solutions by the market.

INOVA + has been responsible for the identification, assessment and valuation of many R&D results, covering a wide range of multidisciplinary fields including technological processes, specific products applied to different industries, mechanical systems, composite materials and renewable energy.


Team Involved


Daniela Branco




Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director




Nuno Soares

Business Development Officer