INOVA + was responsible for supporting Moldit, a company widely recognized for the production of moulds for plastics and injected moulded plastic parts, in the systematization of its strategy of sustainable growth and strengthening its competitiveness within the global market, highly competitive and, above all, of high economic fragility.


The SI Qualification and Internationalisation of SME was the support instrument selected and the application designed by INOVA + in close collaboration with Moldit. It was the realization of the strategic vision of the company for the period 2013-2016, which thus had an opportunity to leverage its internationalisation activities and penetration in new markets.

This project, still in progress, will play a crucial role in strengthening the international position of the company, contemplating a total of 16 markets inside and outside Europe.

Through an integrated approach, which predicted activities directed at maximizing the opportunities available in the various lines of action of the organisation, Moldit’s application was approved, with an estimated investment of over EUR 365 000 and an average non-refundable co-financing rate of around 44 percent.


Team Involved


Ana Oliveira




Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director




César Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant