INOVA + was at the genesis of the development of a single project with national coordination approved in FP7 in the programme FoF (Factories of the Future): Metalmorphosis – Optimization of joining processes for new automotive metal-composite hybrid parts.


This project comes within the cooperation of INOVA + with the Belgian Welding Institute, for the design of a proposal for a European RTD application to develop new hybrid components, through the junction of metal and composite materials in response to the challenges posed by automobile industry in the use of lighter parts and components, taking advantage of the potential of electromagnetic pulse technology (EMF).

Based on the expertise and potential of the Portuguese industry on this matter, INOVA + promoted the integration of a national entity to coordinate the project, CENTIMFE – Technological Centre of the Moulds Industry and Special Tools, enhancing the participation of Toolpresse in this project in the industrial demonstration and pilot activities.

 With a total budget of over EUR 2.9 million, the MetalMorphosis project involved nine partners from six European countries – Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Slovenia.


Team Involved


Nuno Soares

Business Development Officer



Ana Oliveira