The advice provided by INOVA + was essential for the increase of Famolde’s competitiveness, a company that produces highly technical moulds for the electronics and telecommunications, automotive and appliance industry.


To this end, INOVA + defined a strategy to foster innovation and introduce new R&D processes in the company that were reflected in the drafting of the “Two in One”, a R&D project between Famolde and the University of Coimbra, whose aim is to create a hybrid production technique that allows the manufacture of parts in different size ranges, at low cost and faster than by conventional machining.

With a budget of EUR 475 000 and a total incentive of EUR 290 000, the development of this project contributes towards the affirmation of Famolde within the market for components/parts for the electronics, medical and mobility industry, which represents a fundamental step towards leveraging the company’s competitiveness.

INOVA + accompanied the development of the whole process from the creation phase, supporting the consolidation of the idea, preparing the application for public funding to decrease the company’s investment risk, and in the financial management of the project.


Team Involved


João Fonseca

Senior Consultant



Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director




César Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant