INOVA + was involved in the development of the EUROSPUMA2050 project, which was based on an application to SI Inovação Produtiva for the expansion of the productive capacity of this SME, representing an investment of EUR 8 million.


The project, approved in 2012, is in its final stage and appears as a success case at national level, inasmuch as so far all indicators foreseen by the company have been fully met (either in terms of amount of investment, or implementation), something reinforced by the positive opinions of audits conducted to date and that INOVA + has followed.

The EUROSPUMA2050 project will contribute towards the increase of productivity and efficiency of the company, to increase its visibility and commercial capacity and, therefore, to catapult the company internationally, providing it with greater international presence.


Team Involved


Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director



César Rodrigues

Senior Finance Consultant