Eurico Ferreira

Within the scope of its development strategy, Eurico Ferreira had the support of INOVA+ to design and implement the new innovation system in the company.


With a duration of 12 months, the “Innovation Plan and RDI Management Platform” applies a methodology developed by INOVA + that aims to boost the innovation activities of the company by characterizing the flows of innovation and the definition of workflow processes, from the moment the idea is generated up to its implementation and evaluation, thus allowing a systematic and continuous approach to the company’s RDI management according to NP 4457, the Portuguese standard for certification of RDI systems.

The methodology comprises a diagnosis stage, the definition of an action plan and an implementation phase operationalized through multiple actions, from awareness of innovation up to identifying ideas and priority areas and ideas with a strong innovation potential. In parallel a roadmap is developed with the national and European financing opportunities that fall into the scope of the innovation processes of the company.

Benefitting from our network of partners, we boosted the involvement of Dreamo in the project through the installation of i9Source, an innovative software that provides support to the management of corporate innovation.


Team Involved


Pedro Soutinho

Senior Consultant


Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director



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