We are outlining and implementing a number of initiatives to align and direct the Portuguese fruit and vegetable sector to the opportunities available within the scope of Horizon 2020.


The project arises as part of the collaboration between INOVA + and COTHN – National Fruit and Vegetable Technological Operating Centre and aims to promote stimulating actions for awareness-raising and mobilisation of fruit and vegetable agents for opportunities existing under Horizon 2020, in order to explore new technological frontiers .

Based on its extensive experience in promotion processes involving several organizations in European projects, INOVA + is responsible for defining a strategic roadmap of action to boost R&DI in the national fruit and vegetables sector, promoting, in addition to workshops, the creation of knowledge networks and transnational cooperation as well as a system of ongoing support to increase the involvement of Portuguese fruit and vegetable organisations in European projects and partnerships.

This initiative will allow to enhance the participation of the national fruit and vegetable sector in Horizon 2020, which is assumed as an opportunity for companies in the sector that can create new international dynamics to enhance the growth of the business.


Team Involved


Nuno Soares

Business Development Officer 



Daniela Branco





Daniela Lopes

Consultancy Unit Director