We promote the involvement of Portugal Telecom in a European application approved under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, through our opportunity monitoring service for the participation of organisations in European projects.


After identifying strategic areas of PT in matters of R&D and innovation, INOVA + carried out a prospection and identification of active consortia training in various issues, liaising with the project coordinator and supporting the preparation of descriptive contributions.

This service has resulted in the involvement of PT in the BESOS project that was approved with a total funding of approximately EUR 3 million. Carried out by 10 partner organizations, the project aims to provide urban neighbourhoods with a decision support system to provide a coordinated management of public infrastructure in Smart Cities and simultaneously provide citizens with information promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.


Team Involved

Fotos Site - Miguel S

Miguel Sousa 

Chief Operations Officer


João Fonseca

Senior Consultant