SMART Campus

INOVA + was chosen by international tender to develop and streamline the event ‘SMART Campus Training”, an international entrepreneurship training programme held in Bratislava, Slovakia, 20th to 23rd May, 2014.


Integrated in the i.e. SMART project, developed by a consortium of 12 entities from seven regions of Central Europe and led by the European Office, Vienna Board of Education, the “SMART Campus Training” was aimed at entrepreneurs whose business ideas were in a start-up stage and included in the areas of creative industries, green economy and Information Technology and Communication.

The event aimed to contribute towards the promotion of smart growth, primarily through the creation of new products and services that create growth and jobs and respond to social challenges.

The “SMART Campus Training” counted with the participation of 40 entrepreneurs who received training from international experts, and may also:

  • Present their ideas for potential business partners that operate in similar areas elsewhere;
  • Improve and finalize their business idea/plan with the support of international experts;
  • Test their business idea/plan before being presented to a jury of international experts and potential investors that chose the winner of the Best Business;
  • Participate in the game SMART Xchange, developed by INOVA + based on the stock market, within the scope of which the awards of Most Valuable Business and Most Valuable Investor were assigned.


Team Involved


Eurico Neves




Catarina Azevedo

International Cooperation
Unit Director




Andreia Monteiro




José Barros

Senior Researcher